Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Croatia: Trogir

We have decided to spend 2 and a bit weeks in Croatia travelling around. Nigel plans a great route through much of the south of the country. We can't do it all this time!
We fly into Split airport on a cheap Easyjet flight. It leaves in the wee hours of the morning. I think we left our house at 3:45am.
We arrive at our great accommodation in the small town of Trogir, Apartments Buble. "Like the musician Michael Buble" our Croatian host, Niksa Buble, tells us. He invites us into his house and serves us strong coffee, biscuits and Croatian chocolate. We sit and chat for at least an hour. Nigel is interested in his business acumen and all the little rooms and kitchenettes he has installed for the travellers. He said he aims to be "the best of the budget" and I really think he is. We have a great little room on the ground floor with both chairs and table inside and out.
Apartment Buble is about a 7 minute walk from the old town. It is a labyrinth of cobbled alleyways fanning out from a central square. Our host tells us you really only need one day to explore it. We have booked two days so that we can take it easy and relax.
Trogir is on the Dalmation coast of Croatia and due to its proximity to Italy there is a lot of Italian influence from food (gelato and pasta are everywhere) to its architecture. In fact, it reminds me of Italy in its buildings and culture and of Morocco in its slight arid dessertness.
Above is the Town Loggia where you can sit in the shade out of the harsh sun that beats down at about 30 degrees. It was originally used as a court of law.
Nigel takes a rest in the shade.
The ceiling is hand painted in beautiful designs and colours.
You can see the table straight ahead where the judges sat.
The clock tower to the left of the Town Loggia
We walk over the bridge from the old town into the new.
The harbour is on the Adriatic Sea.
It host everything from small boats to large luxury yachts of boaters stopping to eat something at one of the ritzy port restaurants.
The restaurants are used to all the European business and most menus come in at least 5 languages. Look for the British flag for English.
The walk back to our accomodation is over the canal...
and through the busy town market. Above is a stall of honey and olive oil.
We buy our fresh produce here each morning.
As night falls the small alleyways light up and people bustle up and down them. At about 8pm they look for a nice outside eatery to sit in and have dinner.
We discover if you go through this certain archway above...
You come to what we nicknamed "Gelato Square". Each corner of the square has a ravishing looking gelato stall.
One scoop of gelato will cost you 7 Croatian Kuna in Trogir (just less than £1).
We head back to Buble to explore the town more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you describe a place. It enable the reader to really get a sense of what it is like to be there. I would like to be in gelato square with you guys after dinner:-) glad you are enjoying yourselves!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is just begging to be a Michal painting. So nice to see your blog re-awakening.

michal (w.i.t.w.i.m.) said...

Thanks you guys! It is still a struggle to blog as I don't have my computer yet. 6 hours to organise photos and blog that one blog. I hope the next ones will be a bit less hassle.

Tyrone Barton said...

AHhhh, love market pictures of food and products!