Saturday, October 22, 2011

Croatia: Sanja & Rosie's Laundrette

I just have to do a post on Sanja & Rosie's Launderette in Dubrovnik. It is our 10th day of travelling, we have packed lightly and are sharing a small suitcase. We need some laundry done soon. We come across an ad at my favourite veggie restaurant, Nishta's, that is advertising this launderette. We decide to give it a try.
We arrive to find a wide open self-service launderette (the only one in Dubrovnik) with laundry soap sitting on top of every machine. Launderettes are very hard to come by in a lot of Europe. I remember that from Italy.
Not only is there soap, but Shout and a scrub brush.
There are fun retro posters all over.
And all the decor has a 50's theme.
We notice that although the place is unmanned there are two cameras installed. Someone is watching from somewhere.
Music plays and the paying machine reminds me a jukebox.
All the machines look brand new and I can't figure out why no one else is in here.
There is a stack of magazines to read.
Free water.
Outside in the seating area I discover a guest book with a set of pencil crayons.
I read through to see where all the other people washing their clothes have come from. All over the world, it turns out.
I do a double take. What lollies?!
I quickly do a scan of the room and find "Candy Time". Pictured above is after we eat through half of it.
We leave our own message in the book.
It turns out that Sanja and Rosie are from Vancouver, Canada! Now, how on earth have they found themselves in Dubrovnik running a retro laundrette?
Even free Internet. Funnily, most places we go have the exact same password.
A great place to do your laundry! We highly recommend it.
Nigel: "You aren't going to blog this, are you?"

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