Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prague: Arriving

In a spontaneous moment my sister and myself have flown to Prague to meet up with her Czech/Canadian husband and father-in-law.

The first day has been a whirl wind walking tour of the city centre with just myself and Milan (father-in-law-once-removed?). He took me on a fast pace walk to several of his hidden locals-only places to eat for cheap ("non tourist prices" he called them). I found myself eating an omelet stuffed with broccoli with mash potatoes and a tomato vinegarette salad. He told me I will struggle to be vegetarian here.

Then we all went to see the Nutcracker Ballet tonight at the National Theatre. It was amazing! I am told it is something the Czech's see regularly so we had the privilege to watch a new version.

I took a lot of great pictures in the day and then realised I would have to wait until London again to download them. So at night I pulled out my iPhone so I could upload some right away.