Thursday, October 20, 2011

Croatia: Cavtat

We take a day trip 20 kilometres south of Dubrovnik down the coast to the small town of Cavtat. Cavtat, called Epidaurus, was founded by a colony of Greeks. It later became a Roman colony around 228 BC. We visit the 7th century town that grew up when the Slavs invaded.
When the inhabitants fled from the Slavs they set up what is now Dubrovnik (a city state).
I take a quick peak in the modest St. Nicolas Church that sits on the harbour front. In fact, the whole town straddles the horseshoe shaped harbour which is surrounded by a ridge.
Cavtat bonus: we note the gelato is only 7 Kuna (10 Kuna in Dubrovnik). When I tell the young girl serving us I can't decide between two flavours she just wallops both flavours on top of the cone for the same price.
Croatia, I notice has some really nice features that we consistently come across wherever we travel:
-toothpicks in restaurants.
-built in seating everywhere (in walls, on walks, in towns, in harbours, in the middle of no where) all for free.
-stairs or ladders to the water for swimming (this is practically everywhere and Croatians take full advantage and swim anywhere).
-paper toilet seat covers
Unexpected features:
-bread and anything else that is brought to your table you can count on finding on your bill.
Time for a swim. We are catching what we think might be the end of the hot season in Croatia.
There is a proper beach east of the town but it is straddled by all sorts of big hotels. A short walk around the wooded peninsula from the town centre are rocks that we climb down on for a quiet swim.
We forgot our aqua shoes at the hostel, but manage well. Beaches in Croatia are rocky and aqua shoes are sold everywhere for about 30 Kuna (£3).
We had planned to stop at another beach that afternoon, but head back to Dubrovnik for a nice meal after discovering such good swimming in Cavtat.

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