Sunday, October 17, 2010

France: Medieval festival in Azincourt

We managed to arrive in France the same time as the Medieval festival in Azincourt. Participants set up several days before and lived using all authentic gear so that by the time the public arrived they were in full swing. A medieval sculptor. All clothes had to be made from authentic fabric. Cotton and wool only. If you dressed up, you got into the event for free. Drat, I left my medieval dress back in London. You should have seen the authentic toilets! Groups from different countries came. Here we have the English St. George's cross. A mother and child walk by tents. It was a whole family affair. The food looked good and some pots really had nice smelling stews. There was sword fighting. Jousting. Even mounted jousting in full suits of armour. The audience sits and watches the horse show.

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