Saturday, October 16, 2010

France: Aire sur la Lys & Canal Tour

We take a little walking tour around the town, Aire sur la Lys. We start at the tower where my parents find the best free wireless signal for their ipad. The tour takes us along little used streets. The canal system in France used to be a major source of transporting goods that also connected with other countries. That is Nigel with his face pressed against the closed patisserie shop. A peak through a key hole at an abandoned church. This is the main enormous church in Aire sur la Lys. A grand beast. Random shrines in random walls. And off on the road again. Wind energy dots the northern French landscape. We then we get on the canal boat... And drift along the labyrinth of canals. This little stop is a farmers market selling produce from the fields surrounding it. (The kitchen updates are coming soon everybody. We are watching it emerge as I fill in with France blogs)

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