Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Joinery is Done

All the joinery is now done. Our little crawl space in the eaves has a door and is framed. The doors and door frames are on. The stair parts sit in the corner ready to be fitted. The skirting boards are done. And in fact, the wood floor has been laid. But it is covered up to protect it and I never did see it...hence, no picture of it! The banister, posts and spindles are now installed. Here is a shot half way through where the lower banister is still waiting to be attached properly. Oh, I love the look. The very lowest post has an acorn put on to keep the theme. There was a choice of ball or acorn. The post on the middle level is replaced as it had some heavy damage to it. The old banister is attached to the new on on the middle floor. The old door is hung and the door frame put back on. The radiators are beginning to be hung (this is the plumber not the joiner). The bathroom and plumbing to be posted next. The windowsills are very nice. I really appreciate the little details in the work. All the little pieces seem more pernickity than the main bits.

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BlackEyedBean said...

Loving that swirly grey carpet. You are going to keep it, aren't you ;)?