Friday, June 24, 2011

Renovations: Choosing Wall Colours

Choosing colours for your walls is crucial. I am used to mostly white or off white walls in homes in Canada and want to go for much more colour in our house. It is critical not to overwhelm a room with a colour, but let it help you give the feel you are after.
The loft is finished plastering and the radiators are on (which have to be taken off again to paint).
We quickly paint the ceiling white as the electrician is coming any day to put the pot lights (down lighters) in.
Our plan in each room is to keep the ceilings white and paint the walls a colour. The plaster needs at least two coats of white paint (the first coat must be half water and half paint) before the colour can go on.
At first we think we will keep the loft somewhat more modern and paint it an antiqued white. But when we paint it white it is so bright I have to wear sun glasses when the sun is out. I quite like the feel of the muted plaster before it went white so choose a colour called Sloe Berry (above). It has a period feel and despite purple being my least favourite colour, it is a dusted down and warmed up version. The feeling in the loft is emerging as relaxing, yet bright near the windows.
I find this line of paint above that has rejuvenated traditional colours from the Victorian era. The blue colour on the brochure above is our loft bathroom colour (and may end up being our back bedroom colour as well).
Here is another colour that we will do our lounge in, a maroon-red.

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LK said...

You have such an eye for colour! I have such a hard time choosing, and can never get an idea of what it will look like when I'm looking at a sea of paint chips. Sheesh! All these colours look really nice!