Saturday, April 23, 2011

Party Walls and Great Roof View

Did I already mention the loft windows have been put in? The plaster board and insulation had to be removed to fit them, but it will all be put back when they are cut down to size. The front of the loft. The party wall in the washroom is built up with breeze blocks (the big grey ones). Leaning out the window I can see the one side of the party wall cut to sloping. There will be brick on edge to finish it off as it follows the slant of our loft in a full brick width. The party walls will be different on each side due to one neighbour having a dormer loft which is built straight up from the back of the house. Because it sits on the middle of the party wall we will build up in a single layer of brick. The above wall follows their loft line. You can see the one neighbour's loft on the right and the house with no loft on the left. A tall house from below. Junior flexes for us on the roof. We have just made our first journey up to the very top of the roof. Andy the brick layer lays the final brick on edge for the single wall. From this angle it looks like everyone in that direction has lofts. The view is amazing. Because the gardens are not open to street access by the public, all the gardens you see here are hidden. A shot of the front street from above. The view from the houses in the back in the other direction. The nearest houses don't have lofts. From above we can look down at the top of our windows. And the last brick goes into the wall. Next Andy finishes the mortar. Then I come up (Nigel has been taking the roof pictures so far). As I take pictures he tells me he has already taken that shot with each click of the camera. The front street...again. Our scalloped ridge tiles sit lined up on the neighbour's roof awaiting the finish of ours. Looking down at the front of the roof with our 3 new velux windows. The red lofts across the yards are a very old style and don't even maximise the space as they don't come close to the edge of the roof. Here is one party wall completely finished. A view of it from the other side. And the other party wall.

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