Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Hole is Cut Through the Ceiling

The stair arrive today in one big unit and lie in our downstairs hallway. The ends of the staircase that turn at the top and bottom also arrive in bits to assemble. The main floor stairs are covered and the opening gets a drop sheet across so they can cut out the hole in the ceiling to the loft. It is a touch dusty! We take a peak and realise how tall the house really is! The spindles you can see in the photo are from the middle floor. The depth of the cut away floor is exposed and above that the head space that extends to the top of roof (with the skylight to light it). Here, I am standing on the lower stairs looking up at Craig and Johnny in the loft. The wall for our little bedroom is completely cut away as the stairs have to extend 5 inches into the space. We won't really notice the lost 5 inch difference in the small room when the wall is rebuilt. Then the large stair unit is put into place, but we are not allowed to step on them yet until the missing bits are on and the whole thing glued together. This again is a shot from the lower stairs looking up at the bottom of the loft stairs.

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