Friday, January 21, 2011

Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, Canada

A week spent in sleepy Ucluelet in the winter season is entirely relaxing. We overlook the little harbour. The little town has some nice little shops including a Co-op food store. The marina and and where we stay right behind it. We take a walk down the rain forest path towards the beach. I keep telling Nigel I want to plant some ferns because they remind me of Canada. The dark forest floor. We venture down the boardwalk in the rain when the forest floor is too flooded to walk. There is a steep decent to the beach. The last time we were here 4 years ago, this path was destroyed from falling trees and an unusually stormy winter. We make it down to Halfmoon Bay. It is smaller than Long Beach and completely isolated. Okay, we did see one dog (and his owners). The mist is so heavy it drenches us. Last time we were here this tree had a swing. We find no trace of it. We also wander down to Wya Camping which is a new camping site on the beach right near Half Moon Bay and Florencia Beach. We are told by a local that the spot used to be a secret camping spot but now has a road down to it and has become a proper paying campsite. It is beautiful. Nigel and I stare at little bobbing things in the water for a long time. I am convinced they are sea otters (which we can watch in the water from out accommodation) and he is convinced they are just debris or logs. We never agree as they never move close enough to us.


sue said...

Michal I have been there! (A long time ago) We even went grocery shopping at that Co-op store and camped in the Park.

michal (W.I.T.W.I.M.) said...

The Co-op has expanded now, but the town I am sure is almost the same.

ABBA Sisters said...

i see a great deal of Painting Potential here... a great deal...who knew there are so many shades of grey? well...i guess you do:)