Saturday, January 15, 2011

Englishman River Falls Provincial Park, Canada

We set out on a snowy late afternoon to find the waterfalls in the Englishman River Falls Park on Vancouver Island, Canada. The temperature is -2 and I am wearing light canvas sneakers. Teresa is ever the true outdoors woman as she sets off on the hike while due to give birth any day. The road is long and wide and we break off into smaller groups as we walk. The kids are intent on rolling big balls of snow. Or maybe they wanted to throw the snowballs at the adults I realise as I am hit. Squatting down to eat the snow is the other option. I really like being back in Canada in the forest in the winter. We find the falls. And the runoff to the falls. They are massive and there would be no surviving a fall into them. What a great family holiday, all thanks to mom and dad! Thanks, you two! Now into the bathtub. I can't feel my toes.

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