Friday, February 12, 2010

Suffolk, UK: Our Last Day

Our last day in Suffolk we spent walking. There was a lot of mud. Nigel, our expert navigator, led us on through some very confusing areas where we were scrambling through fields of nesting pheasants. We spent a considerable amount of time sinking into mud. This area was a protected sanctuary. We made the wrong turn somewhere near this gate. We wound up at this ford in the road, which I slipped and fell right smack in the middle of on my bum. I was wet the rest of the walk. We crossed this long field and entered the last field until we came to our parked car. That was when we spotted the enormous white bull. Nigel said, "look how that one has a ring in its nose". Alarmed I looked and saw the bull among the cows. We crept very carefully along the edge of the field and noticed the bull has placed himself right by our last style. We got out alive! And immediately when we finished our walk it clouded over. I warmed up (once out of my wet clothes) by the fire!