Thursday, February 11, 2010

Janice's Garden

This is another lost post that ended up as a draft since last summer. A friend of mine and a great and innovative artist, Janice Macaulay, organised a march with positive placards and linked it to a vegetable garden she was growing in a gallery garden setting. It was in the summer so I am pathetic at remembering the name or details of the event. The great thing is that Janice is really very innovative in her work and has started a great forum and lecture series in people's homes called Universettee ( The only criteria is that someone volunteers their home and there is a settee there, while everyone attending brings food, and whoever is giving the talk, recital, demonstration, etc...just shows up. Nigel and I gave a talk and power point presentation on our time in Liberia. (note the black tulips above).


LK said...

I totally don't get what you were talking about here, but it looks really cool!! Haha!!

michal (W.I.T.W.I.M.) said...

Her work is pretty cool. She had a fix it cart at our grad show right beside my work. It had little drawers everywhere with bandaids, candies, etc. The public could just take what they like. Needless to say, I ate a lot of candy!