Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Base of the Extension is Rebuilt

Here we have last week's scene. The footings you can see in dark red brick and have now been approved by the inspector. The existing extension is only 30 years old as are those footings, while the house itself is somewhere around 108 years old. Here the existing brickwork above the ground is being broken up to be replaced by a nice new base. Here is the new base being built up. There is barely room to put a layer of red brick and of breeze block. This means that instead of the air gap and insulation going between them, it will go in the interior of the built up wall. You can see the membrane of blue plastic that is built into the wall to keep the damp out. About 4-5 layers of brick will show before the reclaimed London yellow brick is built on top. The old brick Victorian houses have a series of vents that run in the walls and in the floors to keep the house "breathing". Our brickie builds in vent bricks at intervals to match the existing venting pipes. And here you see the final layer of red brick which is then covered by a layer of black rubber damp proof. This keeps the damp from rising from the red brick up through to the yellow brick which start parallel to the interior floor. And oh...excitement of excitements! The wall yellow brick wall is beginning... Here you see the outer corner of our extension starting to emerge.


LK said...

This must be so satisfying!!! I love watching the progress!

michal (W.I.T.W.I.M.) said...

Yes, it is nice to seeing something going up after so much has come down!

Shelley said...

I love it, too! Can't wait to see the final product! :)