Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Naples, Italy

The next day we take the train to Naples. The weather is dreadful and we think we might as well do the city as it is more likely we can do things indoors. We have lunch at the recommended Pizzeria Brandi. This restaurant is over two centuries old and invented the Margherita Pizza in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoy. I am not clear if it actually invented pizza itself or not
but you can read the history at The pizza was delicious!
The kitchen is on one side of the outside walkway and the seating on the other.
It is a fresh day outside and the Italians love their BIG umbrellas!
We reach the main square and church just in time for it to close for siesta. We are not sure we are going to last long enough to see it reopen.
We decide to explore the area and find an indoor area.
Viola! The Galleria Umberto I is perfect. A large indoor space that our little munchkin can practice his walking in, chase the pigeons and amuse the onlookers. It is a short visit to Naples, but that is fine with us.
The weather drives us back to the train station early so we can catch a train back to Sorrento in time for dinner. We stop and order a Chocolata Calda while standing at the station's cafe bar. What we are served makes our eyes open with delight. A thick "dense" hot chocolate that you can spoon into your mouth on a cold wet day. We decide to find it at the local supermarket and take some back to London with us.

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