Friday, March 06, 2015

Capri, Italy

On our final day we decide the weather is perfect to explore the island of Capri. It is the destination of the rich in the summer season. I have no idea what to expect.
We arrive in the Capri marina via ferry and are inundated with tour operators wanting to sell us their whistlestop tour of the island. Instead, we catch the bus to the first of two town on the island, Capri Town.
The main piazza in Capri Town overlooks the the cliffs, water and the hill the bus just climbed. The older Italian men are all gathered and lounging in the sun.
The view below is amazing and dotted with white houses.
We wander away from the main square to find the side streets lined with luxury shops and beyond that quiet gardens.
We follow our guide book to Certosa di San Giacomo, an old church that is now used as a gallery for a permanent collection by a German artist. It also features the fragments of frescos from the original church itself.
The church is empty except for the main alter and a grand piano The walls seem recently plastered and everything has a white dust on it. We are wearing black.
Our little munchkin believes it is his new play room and toddles from room to room gleefully spreading the white dust.
The emptiness of the space paired with the modern upkeep (new plaster and paint) alongside the fresco fragments make it the most beautiful church I see on our trip. The simplicity feels so authentic and devoid of all the clutter that modern life and consumerism cram in.
The church yard.
We wander off a little further in search of a famous garden.
We find the small but amazing Gardini di Augusto. It is so well manicured with statues, benches, and views. We eat our packed lunch here.
The views look down to the sea where we see Capri's famous faraglioni (rock formation) that boats can drive through.
We spy a nude bum.
On our wandering I am surprised to find a very contemporary art gallery. I looked it up later and see it carries a well known Calgary artist. I decide then and there I must have a show there. Any excuse to come back to Italy.
Next we take a bus to the second higher village on the island, Anacapri.
From there you can catch a chair lift up to the peak of the island. We gulp, strap our toddler to us, and step out as the seat sweeps us up. I take a picture of Nigel and our little munchkin on the single-seat lift ahead of me.
The views from the top are great.
The water looks so swimmable. Too bad it is still wintery.
On top of the island.

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