Sunday, February 06, 2011

Foreign Objects in our Oregano

We are sitting at our dining room table eating lunch when Nigel who is gazing outside says, "what is that in our hanging basket?" I assume he is referring to the whole oregano pot I lopped on top of the hanging basket. "It's just the oregano", I answer. "No, there is something else in the plant", he insists until I finally look up to see a foreign object sticking out of the top. My mind quickly scans back to a few months ago as we watch a squirrel come into our yard with a small half of a piece of bread and bury it in our oregano plant. At the time, I thought I would leave it believing he would come back for it in the cold winter months. But what I was looking at out our window was a much bigger slice just sitting on top of the plant. I walked outside and saw the old piece was still buried and the small corner sticking up was growing a rich green fuzz. Great! So now my oregano is a squirrel bread box. Time to nip this in the butt!

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