Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Wood Shed I Built

All the wood is starting to collect under the bushes in our yard for the wood burning fire we want to install. To ensure we don't change our minds I started the wood pile and decide to build a wood shed. The little nook behind the shed looks like the only place that can house it. I begin to move all the stuff currently there. Our loft which we access by a hole in the ceiling of our bathroom has a store of wood that is perfect for building. The remainder will be cut up for firewood. I begin the project before our kitchen goes in. Our kitchen fitter comes to have a look at the space and is extremely alarmed to see me building something in the space. He later tells me he thought I was building something for him to incorporate into the kitchen. "Out of scrap wood?!" I asked. I did move it outside eventually. Then I moved it into place and began stacking all the wood in it that I had collected. Only these last few weeks I finally build the roof for it. It is practically full now. We are going to get rid of our big compost and build another wood shed. We have compost collection and such a small yard there is no where to put nice new compost.


LK said...

Cool!! So what tools did you use to build this, since I have all your tools here in Canada? :)

michal (W.I.T.W.I.M.) said...

In the UK I have a small mitre saw, skill saw and jig saw.

Lisa said...

You are amazing!