Sunday, May 30, 2010

Selective Attention Test

Scientists have gathered some remarkable evidence which shows that it is possible to see something without observing it, in research that sheds new light on traffic accidents that occur when a driver "looked but failed to see", and other examples of mayhem and mishap in everyday life. The astonishing lack of attention we pay to our surroundings has been highlighted by research conducted by Dr Daniel Simons of the University of Illinois and Dr Daniel Levin of Vanderbilt University. And here is one of their Selective Attention Test: If you cannot see it click on


Anonymous said...

I totally missed the gorilla! He should try it with a naked person next time. I wouldn't miss that!

LK said...

That is really weird. I also didn't see the gorilla. But agree with the above comment that I may have noticed if the person was naked! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Here's another version of the same test, but it uses words instead. Enjoy!